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What is Recidivism?  –

Recidivism means literally “a falling back” and usually implies “into bad habits.” (Webster)

Recidivism occurs when a person returns back into incarceration after being released.


As we continue to move forward in the fulfillment of our mission – it will be imperative that we take a closer look at who we are and what is we do…..

Although one of our primary focuses will be in the area of “Fatherhood Support” –  it is apparent that through our “Re-Entry Program offered and facilitated  through our Goldsboro location – W.E.R.C” (Wayne Empowerment Resource Center) we will also come in contact with others that will be able to benefit from our services as well.

Remember at MPI – The Mission Is Possible!

Our Mission is to directly reduce the ever-growing rate of Recidivism by providing a strong and stable support system that will help to redirect returning citizens toward a path of purpose and productivity

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Our Partners

Wayne Empowerment Resource Center (WERC)
NC Works
Young Families Connect
Catholic Charities
Goldsboro Police Dept
Salvation Army
Goldsboro Partners Against Crime (GPAC)
Wayne Community College
NC Department of Public Safety/TAN
Triangle Comprehensive Health Services Inc.
Wayne County Day Reporting Center